Connectivity solutions:-

At Nexus we are experienced in designing and setup of local, metropolitan and wide area networks, with the ability to interconnect computing and telecommunication devices.

Our solutions enable our clients to

• Share ICT resources.
• Manage their business more efficiently.
• Increase their revenue.
• Increase their market share.

We integrate industry standard networking devices to develop

• Home data connectivity solutions.
• Office voice and data connectivity solutions.
• Real estate voice and data connectivity solutions.
• Hotspots for wireless local area networks (WLANS).
• Hotspots for wireless internet service providers (WISPS).

Implementation of either of the above solutions is done in five phases.

1) Site survey to determine the bill of quantities and network design.
2) Presentation of design, bill of quantities and pricing to the customer.
3) Implementation.
4) Documentation and training.
5) Support.